Step by step - Bronzed Summer Look

Hello again lovelies! 
Here I am with a step by step makeup look. I'd say this is more like a night time look, but I've worn it daytime before, just in a more subtle version. 
If you've any questions or suggestions for other things you would like to see, please let me know in the comment section below! Without further ado - LET'S GET STARTED!

1. - Here I've just applied my base and drawn in my eyebrows. 

2. - I then applied Color Tattoo 24hr by Maybelline in shade 40.
If you're going for a more daytime look, I would leave this step out and just apply a skin colored primer.

Just gently pad it all over your eyelid with your ringfinger.

4. - I then took my bronzer from Nilens Jord NO. 503. - but any bronzer will do really.
Apply it all over your lid, and blend it well, almost up to your brow bone. Leave your inner corner free, as we're gonna highligt this area later.

5. - After you've applied that, take the same bronzer on a smaller brush, and apply it on your lash line. 

It should look something like this now, haha.

6. - Then take a gold shimmer eyeshadow and apply it on your lid.

7. - Then take a small brush, apply a highlighter or a gentle shimmer eyeshadow in your inner corner and on your brow bone. 

Here is the look so far.

8. - Then take a small angled brush, apply some black eyeshadow near your upper lash line to make your lashes appear fuller.

9. - Then take a brown eyeliner, and apply it on your waterline, as well as your outer lower lash line.
If you're going for a daytime look, I would've applied white eyeliner instead to make your eyes appear bigger. 

10. - Now curl your lashes and apply loads and loads of mascara.

If you're going all out I would applied some false lashes here haha ;)

And doooooone, haha.

Here is the look in daylight as well.

Products I've used:
Color Tattoo 24hr - 40 Permanent Taupe
Nilens Jord - Compact NO. 503
Scandaleyes - 012 Bronze from Rimmel
The Rocket Volum' Express - Black Nior from Maybelline 
Naked 2 - Urban Decay (Half Baked, Bootycall)


Get your lazy ass going!

Hello again lovelieeees!
Just a quick post from me this evening. I just wanted to let you know, that you can so easily help giving clean water to children. UNICEF got this absolutely brilliant project going, where UNICEF and their sponsors are helping children who is having a hard time getting clean water.

It requires literally nothing except your phone - all you have to do is just type in uniceftapproject.org on your smartphone - AND THAT IS IT!
Every 10th minute you're on their website, you've given a child clean water for a day! Amazing, right?

And you can do it anytime, anywhere! On the way to school, over night, when having dinner - literally anytime!

If you don't get going after you've read this post I'm judging your lazy ass, haha!

You can also check out UNICEF's video here

Everything you would want to know about the project you can check here.
Please do spread the word about this, as it is such a great way helping people not as privileged as we are.
Please let me know on my Twitter how many children you've saved @AnnaIldsvad.

See ya soon! x

By the time I've finished this post, another 3 children have clean water for another day.



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Hello again loveliessss!

Today I've been to one of my best friends' 18th birthday party! I've had such a lovely day. The party wasn't anything big, it was more like a talky-talk time, which I definitely prefer in most situations. We had a lovely dinner, as well as some good muffins, haha!
On another note, I also got to spend a little more time on my make up, as I didn't have to rush to school.. I love the weekends (as most people do), and usually use them relaxing and just enjoy that I don't have to rush to everything. I'm one of those people who gets stressed quite easily, so I try to make the most out of the weekends.

The drawing below was for the birthdayyyyy-girl, heh. I thought it ended up really cute.

That is it for now, catch up with y'all soon! I'm currently watching ''I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry'' and I quite like it - really funny movie!


Tune I've been listening to today: Girls - The 1975 (HERE)


Meet Millie!

Hello again lovelies! Sorry it's been a while, I haven't forgot about you. 
I'm sure you don't wanna listen to excuses, so I'm gonna make it short and say I haven't really been up to anything ''blog-worthy'', and didn't really feel like blogging - BUT NOW I'M BACK! (I hope you're cheering with me, haha) 

Today I've been together with one of the best girlies in the world, Amalie
I haven't really introduced her to you guys before, but she have a big influence on my life - and to make a long story short, I can sure you that we were quite surprised ourselves when we first meet, because we're so similar. 

We were in my local shopping centre to buy a gift for our mutual friend, as we're going to her birthday party tomorrow! We also went to Baresso, a danish coffee shop, which I've been slightly addicted to lately. I got 'Ultimative Guld Mint', which is a iceblend with coffee and chocolate minty bits in. SO YUMMY!

 That is it for now! You will for sure be hearing from me soon again, as I have a few blogpost in mind - if you want to see any specific blogpost, feel free to leave a comment telling me! 


Tunes I've been listning to recently: 
Rizzle Kicks - Lost Generation (HERE)
Naya Rivera ft. Big Sean - Sorry (HERE)
I know they're both from last year, but I think they both are wicked! 


Fashion, oh fashion!

Hello again guys! 
This is gonna be a quick post, but I just wanted to let you know that I've started using Polyvore! - And I'm really enjoying it!
So if you would like to know how I like my fashion, please go and check it out, haha!
If you havn't already joined the Polyvore community I can only recommend it - I think it's a nice way to 'get into' fashion, and trying out making different sets. Here are some of my most recent sets!

And by the way - I'm planing on a bit more exciting blogpost, there hopefully will be up this week as well! 

See ya soon lovelies!


Healthy Living

Hey again guys! Recently I've been trying to change my eating habits to something a little bit healthier! I have stumbled over some few drinks I've really been enjoying - and thought I would let you know about them!

Green Smoothie

I make this the night before, so I can wake up to a nice glas of smoothie everyday! It contains Cucumber, Pears, Apple Juice and Spinach! For some of you it might not sound like the greatest mix, but I would definitely give it a go - it's really good to start your day off with a healthy breakfast, and it gives me so much more energy throughout the day.

Vitamin Water

This is the easiest thing ever! You're just gonna take some fruit you enjoy, put it in a glass of water, in the fridge over night - and wupti! You've got yourself some amazingly tasty water filled with vitamins. 
The one the picture have; Lemons, Cocktail Ice Cubes and Mint Leaves in it! Yummy, yummy.
I also really enjoy it with Frozen Strawberries and Raspberries. 


Tea is definitely great for you, and I've always been drinking tea. In the past I always used to drink fruit tea, but lately I've changed it up a bit, and I've found some I like even better!
The ones on the picture, is what I mostly drink! Mint Magic is for sure my fave! It taste heavenly of mint - so if you are a fan of mint, you should definitely give it a go! It's from the brand Celestial Seasonings, and I bought it in a Danish store called Søstrene Grene.
If you didn't already know green tea is absolutely great for you, and the one on the picture taste of mint as well. I usually drink the tea ''Sleepytime Vanilla'' before I'm headed to bed, and it really helps you to get in the mood for a good night sleep, haha.

Please let me know if you make or buy any of these - and how you liked it!


Shopping from IKEA

Hello Sweeties!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I went to IKEA this Saturday.
I went to get some new stuff for my room, as we've just recently moved around in my flat. So now I've gotten a new room and some new stuff I would like to show you!
I LOOOVE IKEA - definitely the best place to go, if you want cheap stuff for your home with a nice quality - and the best thing is, that they've got almost every single thing you could ever want (or close too), collected at one place.
The main thing, that I'm most excited about is my new make up stand.

The light is absolutely perfect for applying make up, and doing your hair.

I was trying to go for the more like stylish, white and clean look - but as I'm living in a flat, the options for something like that really isn't that great, haha. I was trying my best though!

I've also gotten some other bits and bobs, but that it's mainly small, ''necessary'' stuff.

I will wait too show you the rest of my room, until it looks somehow how I would want it too - but as soon as it gets near that point, I will update you guys on it!

And please let me know, if you want me go more into details with any of the stuff!